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Defined in: live.test.js.

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Live cloud tests.

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Live cloud tests.

Warning - Mutates Datastore!

This actually adds/deletes containers / files on a live cloud account. Care has been taken to not collide with any real data, but you are strongly advised to not run the tests against a production cloud storage account.


Tests require a configuration in the format of:

Configuration = [
    provider: 'aws',
    acount: '<ACCOUNT NAME>',
    secretKey: '<SECRET KEY>',
    [ssl: false]
  {  // ... other providers ...

Taken from a file. Tests are run against each configuration provided. Currently supported providers are: - 'aws' AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) - 'google': Google Storage For Developers

Setup/Teardown and Wrappers (Dev)

The nodeunit tests are wrapped to inject cloud-specific information and to run suites against each different cloud configuration. The underlying test prototypes look pretty similar to ordinary nodeunit tests, except the function signature is:

function (test, opts)

instead of:

function (test)

where opts are injected cloud information.

Several tests use a setup/teardown wrapper that creates a (hopefully) unique and non-existent test container, optionally adds blobs, and wipes out everything on teardown. See for more information.

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Defined in: blob.js.


Defined in: connection.js.


Defined in: container.js.


Defined in: utils.js.