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Files - v0.0.6

File Summary
File Name Description
container.js Live Container tests.
live.test.js Live cloud tests. See full warnings and dev. notes below.
utils.js Live test utilities.
connection.js Base Connection.
container.js Base Container.
errors.js Error classes.
authentication.js Base Authentication.
authentication.js AWS Authentication.
blob.js AWS Blob.
container.js AWS Container.
connection.js AWS Connection.
config.js Base Configuration.
authentication.js Google Storage for Developers Authentication.
connection.js Google Connection.
blob.js Base Blob.
request.js Cloud requests. For most of these classes, we wrap up events for both the request and response into a single "request" class.
stream.js Cloud file steams. Used for file reading / writing.
utils.js Utilties
core.test.js Runs core tests against module.
blob.js Live Blob tests.
connection.js Live Connection tests.